Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Praise During the Good and Bad

God is so faithful, good, and constant. I know that no matter what situation in life good or bad He is with me and loves me. I am so blessed to have family and friends that support me in this life. I graduated from OU this past Saturday. It was such a great day where I got to sit next to girls that I have grown close to in the past two and half years. I have been greatly effected by those girls and two guys. They were a group that constantly supported and encouraged one another. A group that during ridiculous class assignments pushed on and completed professor expectations. A group that made themselves available when another was going through a hard time or celebrated with others in the good times. I am truly going to miss everyone so much!

I am finally getting really excited about moving to Memphis. Two weeks from today and I will be making that wonderful 7 hour drive with my mom, little brother, Allison, and Carissa (two of the greatest friends I have ever had). I know that this is where God is called me to be. I have encountered several road blocks along the way that have made me question whether it was the right time for Memphis but I know that Satan will try his hardest to keep us from doing God's will. I will not let Him step in the way. God is the ultimate victor and I will praise His name.

My latest road block has been that I was scammed out of $3,000. I thought I had a girl that would take over my apartment lease since it does not end until May 2012. Well in the process of doing logistical things she sent me a check and asked for the excess amount (after 2 months rent was taken out) to be wired to a person that would be doing the shipping of her things. I tend to be a trusting person and think that all people are doing good. This all happened and three days later my bank called to inform me that the check was not able to be cleared from the other bank. Thus all the money that I had taken out of my account to be wired was not really in my bank and now my account is being charged for all of that money. I was sent into an immediate state of distress because I do not have that kind of money. Then my mom and Carissa brought me back to reality and told me to talk to God. I went through every kind of situation and circumstance I could imagine praying to God but decided I will praise His name! He is my provider and He knew from the beginning of time that this was going to happen. My mom was so good to me when I went to see her. She reminded me that money is just money. I am not going to die, nobody else will die, nor is anyone hurt. Money is just something that comes and goes it is not a relationship that we have any person or God. I am not really sure what is going to happen now. I do know that God will take care of me though. I will still be moving to Memphis. I will have to pay that $3,000 to the bank somehow and look for a new person to take over my lease, but God will help me. I am His daughter and these silly antics that are trying to distract me from moving have no weight in my decision.

Honestly, I think that this makes me more excited about moving to Memphis because I know that God has BIG plans for me or it would all be a breeze moving. Last summer I went to the Philippines for a mission trip. The night before we were supposed to start a youth camp all 11 passports were stolen with $7,000 U.S. dollars. We overcame that situation through Jesus, on the last day of camp all 11 passports were returned to the hostile where we were staying. We had a phenomenal youth camp with those students and Satan was trying to get us down before there was Victory in Jesus' name. I have faith that God will provide for me and I know that He has a plan for me in Memphis.

His love has set me free!

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