Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh, How He Loves Us

The best feeling in the world is knowing that I have a Father in heaven that loves me unconditionally no matter what I do in life. I have been so blessed to see His unconditional love in my life. There are three different types of love eros commonly known as erotic love strong feelings towards another, philos a love based on friendship, and agape an unconditional love. Some of the best stories I have read in the Bible show God's agape love for his people. He has shown mercy and grace to many because He loved them. I believe He showed this most of all by sending Jesus to save us. His son was handed a life to live that none of us could ever compare to. Then Jesus died on the cross so he could be the sacrifice for our lives. This weekend is Easter thousands of people will go to church that normally do not attend a Sunday service. I believe that God will show people His love through countless sermons this weekend but it is our responsibilty to follow up with His love. What will we do with His love to share it with others?

I have spent a lot of time meditating on His love for me His daughter. I have been through moments within the past week of frustration and stress. Those nights I slept with the feeling of God wrapping his arms around me like I am His precious child that he will take care of.

So, I had the worries about my busar and getting my lease taken over before moving to Memphis in a short five and half weeks. It makes me laugh because I stress and fret as if God did not know how everything would be going for my life. People say His timing is perfect and that is indescribally true. I have been finalizing things with a girl that will be taking over my lease starting the beginning of May. This is a blessing for my lease to be taken over and for me to be able to apply what would be May rent to my bursar. I know that as things are slowly falling into place for me to move my bursar will be paid off before the end of May. I have a test the Praxis II test on April 30th. This test is for Tennessee, I was worried at the beginning of studying for it because it has material from all four main subject areas and I do not remember a lot of the content that is specified to study for the test. This week a peace has resided over me about this test. I know that every move thus far has been of the Lord and He will be with me as I take the test.

He shows His love everyday in the small and big things in life. We just need to take the time to appreciate the small and big. I think that we should take His love and share it with others. We should be selfless with this love it is unconditional and everyone deserves to encounter a love like His.

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