Friday, May 27, 2011

See you soon, Goodbye, and Hello

Wow, so I have three and half days until I am in the car driving to Memphis, Tennessee. I never thought that I would move to Tennessee. The surprises God has for us are, well, epic usually. I was meeting with my mentor in January/Feburary and I told her that I wanted to start praying for God to rock my world. Well, He will definitely do just that if you ask for it. :) This past week I finally got really excited about moving because it finally seems real. I have been seeing friends and family that it will be the last time to see for a while. Some people in my life I am blessed to say see you soon and others I am saying goodbye to them. I think that life is kind of crazy in the sense that really there are people in my life now that I may not ever see or speak to again. Luckily I have gone to college in Norman, my hometown, but there are people here that will also be moving away. I have been so blessed in the past couple years to build relationships with people that invested in me and that I was able to invest in, grow in Christ together, and make lasting memories. I have started shedding tears with the see you soons and goodbyes. I know that most of the tears will be shed when my mom gets in her car and leaves me in Memphis. These will not just be tears of sadness but tears of joy, excitement, and some for being scared. I know I should not have fear but it is kind of scarey thinking that I will be alone seven hours away from home. Following these tears will probably be a lot of laughter and hugs and the next step will begin. The hellos... I will be making a lot of new friends in less than a week. I believe we will be more than friends though we will be a family. The environment provided by Memphis Teacher Residency is one that will cultivate lasting life long relationships. I get butterflies thinking about this because I get so shy when I first meet people. As most know I do not stay shy for long, I do like to talk hahaha. David Montague the director of MTR told us during the Spring Selection Weekend "embrace the butterflies". So that is what I am trying to do now with the anticipation of the move. Embrace my butterflies, and enjoy the adventure and surprises set before me. :)

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