Monday, May 7, 2012

Something Sweet about Jesus

God is just so good. I think that sometimes I take this for granted. I started writing this blog a little over a year ago when I discovered I would be moving to Memphis to be a part of Urban Education Reform through Memphis Teacher Residency. A year ago I was getting ready to graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor's degree. Now, I am living in Memphis and about to graduate with a Master's degree in Urban Education. This alone was the work of God. The events over this past year are just more evidence of the Lord working in my life.

I know without any doubts that moving to Memphis was me walking into my calling. I have learned a lot this year. One thing that has kept me pushing through and been encouragement to me is that the Lord is glorified more through painful and sacrificial times. This urges me to find joy in the hardships of being an urban educator. God does not call us to be live comfortable lives. I have definitely been pushed this year out side of my comforts and I still am being pushed daily. The only way that I can walk into urban education daily is through the strength of the Lord.

The glorious part of being in a situation where you are constantly feeling uncomfortable and like you are fighting against an undefeatable battle is that I have Jesus. Even on days when I am angry, sad, distraught, or defeated I know that my joy is found in the Lord. Calling His sweet name really changes everything. I know that I am not the savior for my students or any other person in urban education. However, I can try my hardest daily to surrender to the Lord and let His character be evidence that He is the one true God. Then on days when I do fail I know that I am covered by His grace. That is something sweet. The one true Savior laid down His life so I can live. He laid down His life so that my scholars can live. All I can do is trust in Him and follow Him.

This year has been one where I really had to rely on God. All I can ask for are more years to come that push me closer to Him. God really is just so good. I have never found greater happiness, joy, and fulfillment in anything as I do in Jesus.

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