Sunday, February 19, 2012

Worshipping Our Father

I was in church this morning and the sermon was so good. I thought I might share some of what was said and how it has impacted me today and how I hope to make changes in my life. The sermon was about worship. I have heard before that we need to worship in all that we do and everything we do should be for the Lord. Today for some reason the words I heard were just so different. The scripture was Genesis 22:1-12 which is the story about Abraham and how he was going to sacrifice his son for God. This willingness to obey the Lord is a representation of worshipping the God that I serve and the God that has created me at a level that is so incredible.

Often people think of worship as the music portion of church. I often think that too. I have had a hard time finding a church in Memphis. I am constantly comparing churches to Journey and Antioch back in Norman. This ones worship isn't good enough, this one isn't as community based, and so on and so on. I have recently realized that church is a gathering of people that come together to hear the word or be taught and a place where we can serve to reach the unreached. To me that is what church really should be. I want to be a church that has good sound biblical teaching and where I can serve.

Anyway back to the sermon. So worship often thought of the music part of church. The pastor today said worship has to start with a picture of the God that created us. He is so amazing, so big, so mind-blowing and if I can start with some image of Him then I can start to worship. Worship is not about the music it is about serving that God! He is not a file to be put in a file cabinet but he is the file cabinet. He is our hearts. This all was like brand new words being spoke that I have never heard. The pastor then went on to say what is your Isaac? Our Isaac could be money, a job, relationships or anything that has become an idol or close to an idol in our lives. We have to remember God gave us that Isaac just like He gave Isaac to Abraham a man at 100 years of age a son. We have to be willing to sacrifice our Isaac and worship the Lord. We need to lay it down and then our Isaac and ourselves choose to worship the Lord together.

Since moving to Memphis I have let the busy and idea of not having a church home affect my relationship with the Lord. I now am going to make a concious effort daily to get closer to the Lord. I want to worship Him in everything that I do. I want everything that I do to be a complete reflection of Him because He deserves all glory from me and my life because I am nothing. If it weren't for His love and His mercy I would not have anything nor the future that He has for me.

What are you holding onto that is an idol or close to becoming one that the Lord has blessed you with? Lay it down and allow that thing and yourself to worship the Lord. He is worthy!

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