Sunday, July 17, 2011

Normanite to Memphian

It has been so long since I have posted. I am sorry about taking so long!!! Things in Memphis are always go go go. I am officially claiming Memphis as my home now. I was able to visit Norman over the fourth of July. The visit was genuinely precious time with my family. I think moving away has helped me to realize a lot in life and one is just how important my family is to me. I loved spending time with my little brother.

My little brother really is a gem in my life. He is just so sweet and always full of life. This week we found out what we thought was a tumor on his gums is a small portion of the problem. He also has a lesion on his brain so there must be more tests done to find out what the doctors will be doing and what exactly they are fighting. Luckily I have a God that is the Creator. This means he can command anything and it must listen because he was the one that created all things. I will not fear this illness but will look at as an opportunity to shout praise to the Lord. Please when you think of me be praying for my brother and my mom though as they need the faith to see the Lord will turn things out for His glory and good.

So, Memphis... I love it here. My best friend was able to visit me the week leading up to the 4th of July. She will attest that Memphis is just the city I belong in to live. The city is big but it feels like a small town. I have finished two graduate classes. I am currently attending clinicals at KIPP Memphis. This is great seeing a lot of procedures and routines emblamented.

Class of Excellence is what my MTR group is calling ourselves. There is a total of 37 people in the program and whew they really are my family. I can share things with them and know that they will comment and love on me as family. This is just a blessing to be walking through this time of my life with all of them. I have found a church finally. I went today and oh it just warmed my heart while I was there. This was such a blessing because I have attended several but not felt just like any were the one for me. I am so excited to see a family sprout out of this church as well.

A few things about Memphis... the roaches are BIG, people love their city, the lifeguard at the pool is attached to his girlfriend slightly awkward I'm not sure that anyone would be saved, and my apartment has been named the H and M (Hanna and Moriah) we like to cook dinner and Hanna is amazing at baking.

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